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Car Rental in Akrotiri

Akrotiri is located on the western end of Santorini island. Is very near the excavations of the ancient city and the red beach, and the lighthouse. The old part of the village is a very interesting place to explore on foot. In Akrotiri , Santorini, a rental car could be very usefull. As buses dont come very often, to rent a car if you stay in Akrotiri seems to be the best solution to get around. Not to mention that it will cost much less than using taxis.We can deliver and collect our Santorini rental cars in all the hotels in Akrotiri, without any additional cost. Several types of cars available to choose from. Convertibles or not, automatic or not, economy or luxury, offer freedom so you dont have to waste any time.Santorini Akrotiri, car hire

Santorini Akrotiri, car rental